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Littleborough Rushcart
Rochdale Folk Festival
Rochdale Festival

Kevin Montgomery

Kevin Montgomery


A-Z of Site Photos

A-Z of Site Photos

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Folk Music on the Radio

Chatham County Line
Chatham County Line

Kris Drever and Rachel Baiman
Kris Drever &
Rachel Baiman

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Le Vent du Nord

Cambridge Folk Festival 1985

21st Cambridge Festival 1985

Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band

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Singers from the Manchester Folk scene 1985

Gallery One
North West of England Artists (A-L)

Gallery Two
North West of England Artists (L-W)

Gallery Three
England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales

Gallery Four England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales

Gallery 5
England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales

Gallery Six International Artists

Gallery Seven International Artists

Fylde Festivals from 1982 to 2014 and
Fylde Festival Revival Day
22nd June 2019

Americana Photo Gallery One

Americana Photo Gallery Two

Dave Weatherall
Memorial Show
(Local Artists)

Littleborough Rushbearing Photos

Big Whistle Festivals

John Wright
Memorial Show Newcastle
September 2008

Westhoughton Folk Club Photos
The Final Bash - January 2008
( After 35 years!)

Chorley 'July Wakes'
Folk Festivals
1976 & '77


Photos from Radio Lancashire's
'Live Drift' shows

21st Cambridge Folk Festival - 1985

Photos taken at
Rochdale Folk Festivals
1989, 2021 & 2022

Photos taken at
‘A night at the MSG’ 2011
(North West performers)

Martin Hall Memorial Concert - 5th April 2019

Photos taken at
Ramsbottom Festivals
2011, 2012, 2014
and 2015








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