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The performers pictured in the Galleries include both the "Well known" and the " Not so well known", the one thing that they all have in common is the enjoyment that they have given me (for which I would like to thank them!). If any one pictured objects to me using a photo of them please Email me and I will remove any reference to them from my site.

Please note the images on this site have been scanned at a low resolution and therefore do not reflect the true quality of the original photographs and are not suitable for reproduction. For further information please contact me Roger Liptrot

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Gallery 1

North West England Artists (1)
Stanley Accrington to Jack Lee

Gallery 2

North West England Artists (2)
Joe Kerrins to Bernard Wrigley

Gallery 3

England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales (1)
The Albion Band to Vin Garbutt

Gallery 4

England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales (2)
Dick Gaughan to Dave Swarbrick

Gallery 5

England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales (3)
Dave Swarbrick to The John Wright Band

Gallery 6

International Artists (1)
Alianza to James Keelaghan

Gallery 7

International Artists (2)
Le Vent du Nord to Gabriel Yacoub

Americana 1 (ahab to Robert McEntee)

Americana 2 (Tift Merritt to David Wax Museum)

Various 'Americana' photos

Folk Memories

Photos taken from my collection of slides and black and whites from the 80's and 90's


Manchester Folk scene 1985

Hobo's Retreat

Photos taken at taken at The Hobo's Retreat Country Music Club

Includes B'Eagles, Gail Davies and Catherine Craig and Brian Willoughby

Events & Festival Photos

Dave Weatherall Memorial Concert 2003

This show attracted an abundance of Manchester based performers

Stanley Accrington's Silver Jubilee Bash 2004

Celebrating 25 years on the 'Folk' scene Stanley Accrington and friends held a birthday party to remember at Shaw's 'Sold Out' Playhouse 2 theatre

Three Nations Tour

Jez Lowe, James Keelaghan and Kristina Olsen along with Jez's 'Bad Pennies'

Saddleworth Folk Festival 2000

Photos take at Saddleworth on 14th July 2000

Streets Ahead 2000

Photos taken at Manchester's Festival in May 2000
Includes Alan Stivell, Flook, Equation and more

Gawthorpe Hall Folk Festival 2000

Photos taken at Gawthorpe Hall in August 2000
Includes Strawhead, Risky Business & Tom McConville and Pauline Cato

Longford Park 2002

Photos taken at Longford Park Stretford on 5/5/02 of North West Artists

Manchester Jazz Festival

Photos taken at The Manchester Jazz Fetsivals in 2001, 2004 & 2005

Manchester SWAP Festival 2005

Photos taken at Manchester's Swap (Songwriters and Publishers) Festival in July 2005

Radio Lancashire 'Live Shows' - Various Dates

Rachel Harrington, Clive Gregson, Steve Tilston, The Lancashire Hotpots, Steve Tilston,
Martyn Joseph, The Swing Commanders, The Bogtrotters, Edwina Hayes, Ken Nicol,
Anthony John Clarke and Elizabeth Van De Waal, Ben Walker, Show of Hands, Mick Hanly,
Stanley Accrington, The Alan Bell Band, Stephen Fearing, The Polyjesters, Rachel Harrington, Clive Gregson, Po' Girl, Headwater, Karen Tweed and Kevin Dempsey, Niall Teague & The Fast Company and Dylan Owen

Big Whistle Weekend - Bury Met May 2007

The Michael McGoldrick Trio, Fraser Fifield, Hard Times, Fraser Fifield, Mat Walklate and Matt Fahey and The John McSherry Trio and more

Westhoughton Folk Club - The Final Bash - January 2008

Rogues Gallery, Bernard Wrigley, Phil Beer, Maddy Prior, Vin Garbutt, Julie Matthews, The (original) Oldham Tinkers, John Leonard and John Squire, Strawhead, The Tom Topping Band, Ken and Ruth, John Wright

Littleborough Rushbearing

Photos from the 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011 Rushbearing Festivals

Birdsedge Village Festival 2008

Stanley Accrington, Harry Rowland, Roger Davies, Zoe Mulford and James Keelaghan

Big Whistle Weekend - Bury Met May 2008

Flook, Cherish the Ladies, Dòchas, Ben Walker and Chris Knowles, Mat Walklate Band, Terry Coyne and Skirm,
The Bogtrotters, Niamh Boadle and Boys in the Blackstuff

Urban Moves Dance Festival 2008
'Urban Moves Brings Dance to the Streets of Bury'

Madrid’s Provisional 'Danza' and Dance in Tension

Big Whistle Weekend - Bury Met May 2009

The Battlefield Band, Malinky, Jimmy Docherty
and Mat Walklate, Cormac Breatnach & Martin Dunlea,
Ali Hutton and Jarlath Henderson and Salsa Celtica

Big Whistle Weekend - Bury Met May 2011

Lunasa, Future Trad Collective
and Jarlath Henderson and Ross Ainslie

Big Whistle Weekend - Bury Met February 2012

Keith Donnelly, Kan, Breabach, and Ross Ainslie Duo, Tim Edey and Brendan Power
and Treacherous Orchestra

Big Whistle Weekend - Bury Met February 2013

Keith Donnelly, Keith Donnelly and Ursula Holden Gill, Drop The Floor, Desi Friel and friends, Hard Times, Ursula Holden Gill, Macmaster / Hay, Michael McGoldrick with Tim Edey and Brendan Power,
Hamish Napier and Marc Duff, Rura, Rachel Sermanni,The Old Dance School and The Shee

Big Whistle Weekend - Bury Met May 2014

Nuala Kennedy, Merry Hell, The Outside Track, Chris Sherburn and Findlay Napier, Drop the Floor, Emma Sweeney and Kan all introduced by Stanley Accrington

Saline Fiddlers - Riverside Whitworth July 2013

Saline Fiddlers, Jaywalkers, Ceol Tire and That's All Folk

A Night at the MSG

Gary & Vera Aspey, John Bailey, Alan Bell , Phil Drane, Hometowners & Tony Downes featuring Gerry Brady (Beggarmen), John Howarth (Oldham Tinkers), Marie Little, Pat Ryan, Pete Ryder, Malcolm Thorpe, Arthur Wakefield (Tony & Arthur) and Dave Clarke.

Martin Hall Memorial Concert 2019

The Hometowners, Cath Flemming and Steve Keene, Dave and Helen Howard, Ian Reynolds, Poppy Jane & Keith Towers, Pete Martin, Steve Canavan, The Flatcappers and Redmayne


Fylde Festival Photos

Fylde 1983

Bright Phoebus, Ian Woods and Charlie Yarwood, Inclognito, Proper Little Madams, Silly Wizard and Stanley Accrington

Fylde 1985 (Black and White)

Bernard Wrigley, Dab Hand, Easy Club, Harvey Andrews, Inclognito, Loose Chippings, Matt Armour, Martyn Wyndham-Read, Pete Rodger, R Cajun, Steve Turner, The Easy Club, Vin Garbutt, Whippersnapper
and The Wilson Family

Fylde 1985

Brian Osbourne, Dave Walters Band, Dab Hand, Fiona Simpson, Harvey Andrews, Harry Boardman, Johnny Collins, Jez Lowe and Jake Walton, Loose Chippings, Martyn Wyndham Read, Pete Morton, R Cajun, Scold's Bridle, Steve Turner,
The Easy Club, Vin Garbutt, Whippersnapper and The Wilson Family

Fylde 1986

Alan Bell, The McCalmans, The Albion Band, Phil Beer, Bryony, Inclognito, Bram Taylor, Alistair Anderson and the Shepherds,
Geoff Higginbottom, Ian Woods, Charlie Yarwood, Martin Carthy, Nic Dow, Golden Bough, The Kipper Family, Pat Smith, Pete Morton and Paul Metsers.

Fylde 2001

Kristina Olsen & Peter Grayling,Roy Bailey,
Black Umfolosi, Chris While & Julie Matthews
& The Phil Beer Band

Fylde 2002

Waterson Carthy, Bluehorses, The Poozies, Little Johnny England,
James Keelaghan,
Chris While & Julie Matthews, John Wright Band,
Chris Newman & Maire ni Chathasaigh & more

Fylde 2003

Roy Bailey, Eric Bogle & John Munro, Real Time,
Roam, John Tams and Barry Coope,
Tanglefoot, Witches of Elswick & more

Fylde 2004

Andrew Green, Back of the Moon, Brian Preston, Bruce Mathiske,
Chris While & Julie Matthews, Dave Jones, Ferebandaperta,
John Spiers & Jon Boden, Old Rope String Band, Kate Rusby and John McCusker,
Show of Hands & Friends, Strawhead, Threlfall, Ellison & Edwards and Uiscedwr

Fylde 2005

Bernard Wrigley, Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby,
Eileen McGann and David K, Elbow Jane, Heyfeva,
James Keelaghan and Hugh McMillan, Jeff Warner,
John McCusker Band, John Wright Band, Ken Nicol,
Phil Brown,Roy Bailey, Sara Grey and Kieron Mearns,
Trio Threlfall and Waterson Carthy

Fylde 2006

Alan Bell Band, Ben and Joe Broughton, Bodega, Brian Peters and Jeff Davis, Bruce Mathiske, Eric Bogle & John Munro, Fiona Simpson, Harriet Bartlett, Joe O'Connor, Julie Ellison, Keith Donnelly, Keith Kendrick, Nancy Kerr & James Fagan, Patrick Street, Scolds Bridle, Tanglefoot and The Witches of Elswick

Fylde 2007

Alan Bell, Calum Robinson & Joe Taylor, Chris While & Julie Matthews,
Dave Jones, Dave Walmisley, David Ferrard, Derek Gifford, Elbow Jane,
Eliza Carthy & The Ratcatchers, Emily Smith Band, Flossie, Ian Gartside Band, Keith Donnelly, Last Night's Fun, Last Orders, Mabon, Mrs Ackroyd Band, Muldoon's Picnic, New Scorpion Band, Phil Brown, Pint & Dale, Roisin & Niamh Boadle, Roy Bailey, Scolds Bridle, Tich Frier and Vin Garbutt,

Fylde 2008

Alan Bell Band, Brian Preston Duo, Bruce Mathiske, Dàimh,
Doc Harvey and the Philistanz, Flossie, Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies,
Mad Agnes, Nancy Kerr and James Fagan, The Omega 3, Penny Black,
Show of Hands, Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer, Tim van Eyken
and the Tom Topping Band

Fylde 2009

Elbow Jane, Roy Bailey, Steve Knightley, Steve Tilston, Anna Massie Band,
Eric Bogle & John Munro, Jeff Warner, Alan Bell Band,
Scolds Bridle, Ben & Joe Broughton, David Ferrard,
London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra, Dougie MacLean, Trí,
Doc Harvey & The Philistans, Chris Newman & Máire Ní Chathasaigh,
Maz O’Connor and Ethan Thomas

Fylde 2010

Alan Bell Band, Archie Fisher, Cloudstreet, George Papavgeris & Los Marbles, Heidi Talbot with John McCusker & Boo Hewerdine, Jez Lowe & The Big Bad Pennies, Johnny Silvo, Kristina Olsen & Peter Grayling, New Scorpion Band, Niamh Boadle (BBC Young Folk Awards Finalist), Penny Black,
Rosie Doonan & The Snapdragons, Sedayne & Rachel, Shep Wooley,
Stanley Accrington, Steve Turner, The Balkanics, The McCalmans,
Urban Folk Quartet and Vin Garbutt

Fylde 2011

Alan Bell Band, Breabach, Calan, Eileen McGann and David K, The Hut People, Leap to your Feet, Jamie Smith's Mabon, Mrs Ackroyd Band,
Tom Napper & Tom Bliss, Niamh Ni Charra Duo, Orchestra in Folkus, Po' Girl, Spiers & Boden, My Sweet Patootie, Uiscedwr, The Wilson Family, The Young’uns , Roy Bailey, Helen Howard and Dave Walmisley (friends from the old 'Black Lion Folk Club') Scolds Bridle, Stanley Accrington, Union Street Country & Ceilidh Band

Fylde 2012

Alan Bell Band, Ben & Joe Broughton, Bob Fox, Brian Peters, Dylan Owen, Elbow Jane, Grace Notes, Harpeth Rising, The Hut People, Jaywalkers,
Marie Little, Martyn Wyndham-Read and Iris Bishop, Paul McKenna Band,
Doc Harvey and the Philistans, Rapunzel and Sedayne, Roy Bailey,Show of Hands, Ursula Holden Gill, Vin Garbutt, The Wilson Family and The Young’uns

Fylde 2013

Alan Bell Band, Allan Taylor, Bella Hardy, Boo Hewerdine, Calan, Chloe's Passion, Dougie Maclean, Flossie Malavialle, James Findlay,
Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies, Joe Topping and The Vagrant Kings, Les Barker, Jamie Smith's Mabon, Mike Harding, Orchestra in Folkus,
The New Penguin Book of Folk Songs,
London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra,Lucy Ward, Southport Strings,
Tim Edey and Brendan Power, Ursula Holden Gill and The Young 'Uns


Fylde 2014

Alan Bell Band, Allan Yn Y Fan, Dave Jones, Dave Walmisley, Goat Roper Rodeo Band,
Gren Bartley Band, Isla St Clair, Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman, Linda Jennings,
Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston, Niamh Boadle, Roy Bailey, Scolds Bridle. Shane Hennessy, Shooglenifty, Southport Strings, Steve Turner, Tom Lewis & Poles Apart, Urban Folk Quartet, The Young'Uns, Morris Dancers, Sessions, Clog Dance Champion 2014,
Worst Singer in the World, Tallyman Trophy Winner

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