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A to Z of Photos

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Cambridge Folk Festival 1985
Rochdale Music Festival
Rochdale Music Festival 1989
"July Wakes" Festivals- Chorley 1976/77
Sam Baker and Radoslav Lorkovic
John Wright Tribute
Della Mae
Breaking Tradition Dance Company - The Lock In “Christmas Carol”
Richard Shindell
Christmas Drift
Los Pacaminos
Andy Fairweather Low and
the Low Riders
Oldham Tinkers
Duncan Chisholm
The Once
Sid Calderbank
Eve Selis
About Time Dance Company
Mark Dowding
Jennifer Reid
Dylan and David Owen
Jim Moray
Chorley Cakes
Show of Hands

Niamh Boadle
Marie Little
The Wilson Family
Stanley Accrington
Gary & Vera Aspey
Alan Bell's band with Scolds Bridle
Grace Petrie
Scolds Bridle
Anna Oakes-Monger
Tom Russell
Tom Russell
Martin Hall Memorial Concert
Katie O'Malley
The Delines
Joana Serrat
Chatham County Line
Elles Bailey
Nathan Bell
Angel Snow
Chuck Prophet and Stephanie Finch
Jesse Malin
The Scattering
Mary Gauthier and Michele Gazich
Mike Sweeney's Manchester Beat
Orphan Colours
Sam Baker
Reg Meuross
Flossie Malavialle
Tom Russell and Max De Bernardi
Caitlin Canty
Albion Band
Folk Memories - Photos taken from my collection of slides and black and whites from the 80's and 90's.

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