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The Fylde Folk Festival Revival Day 2019

Celebrating Alan Bell's 85th Birthday 65yrs gigging and 55yrs composing. Alan is still performing and will appear with his band and the duo Scolds Bridle on the Saturday lunchtime concert. The superb guest artists all appeared at Fylde in the past and Alan thanks festival goers for their support and hopes his day of celebration in music and song is enjoyed by all.

Artists include: Show of Hands, The Wilsons, Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman, Marie Little, Gary & Vera Aspey, Stanley Accrington, Alan Bell Band, Scolds Bridle, Niamh Boadle, Thistle.

Comperes Dave Jones, Pat Ryan.

11am - 1pm "The Home Grown Un's Concert"

2.15pm - 5.15pm "The Entertainers Concert"

7.30pm - 11pm "The Birthday Concert"

ull Day Ticket only 45

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